We are each on a journey in this life. Some roads are smooth, easy to travel, and easy to maintain. Other times the roads have several potholes, detours, and traffic jams and we feel stuck. My desire at Balanced Journey Coaching is to come alongside you, right where you are on this journey, and help you navigate through those places where you need clearer direction, insight, and peace as you continue on the path that God has planned for you. Whether you are working towards better health, more balance, spiritual growth, or just need help to feel unstuck- I would love to jump in the passenger seat and help make this a more meaningful and productive trip!

So grab a cup of coffee and join me by reading the blog, getting your body moving, studying scripture, or feel free to contact me to see if any of my coaching services could benefit you.



Weekly Blog

Here you can visit my Bible Study blog and find inspiration, encouragement, and practical life-giving application..


Health and Wellness

I am a certified Revelation Wellness Fitness Instructor and on this page you will find information on my classes, coaching, and tips to incorporate into your life to be the healthiest you that you can be!

 Life Coaching

Life Coaching will help you explore various areas of your life so you can achieve all that God has put on your heart. If you are struggling with a decision or motivation a coach can help you work to uncover what mindsets and emotions are holding you back. When we work together you can  develop meaningful steps that will guide you closer to the balanced life God has for you. It's time to be everything God created you to be!

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